John's a native Texan (Fort Worth) with southern roots (Houston) and a northern address (Dallas). He graduated 1989 from Texas A & M in Economics only to fall to the dark side, and also graduate from the University of Texas, School of Law in Austin in 1992.

After a short 5 year stint of practicing law in Dallas, John embarked on his mortgage financing career – while starting an insurance company, building a few houses and engaging in various other real estate endeavors – also spending some time on Sunday afternoons as a radio personality for a Dallas-area Christian radio station.

John came to the Lord at 27 with no prior religious background. He has since served on staff at four different churches in various capacities. He loves to teach and lead worship – and generally has an opinion on just about everything (except politics and religion: because one never contains truth, and the other only contains truth – no opinions necessary).

John and Leia have been married since May of 1999. They have two daughters, Trinity and Alexa. Yet, their home is not complete without their four dogs, one cat, and two fish who are all sources of joy for them. All together they reside in Carrollton, TX, at the Hardimon Ranch.

By God's grace, Leia's life echoes the heart of the Proverbs 31 woman (verses 25-31). She is industrious and kind. In addition to being a loving wife and nurturing mother, she has degrees in Marketing and Education, as well as being an accomplished ballerina, choreographer, instructor and author.

At present, she teaches for the Dance Institute of Dallas and is also the Director and choreographer for the ballet foundation. On top of that, Leia manages homeschooling her two teenage daughters and serving on the board of the non-profit, Work Mom Repeat, a community for working moms to be educated, equipped and encouraged. Leia feels very blessed to be involved with the type activities that cause her to heart sing.

John and Leia's oldest, Trinity, has followed closely in her mother's footsteps and has been dancing since she was three. She is a successful ballerina herself! Plus, her dynamic skills allow her to float seamlessly from one style of dance to another: Contemporary, African, Jazz, Tap - she likes them all! In 2021, Trinity began teaching and creating choreography for beginning and intermediate levels at the Dance Institute. She also has begun exploration of the professional world of dance with the recording of the project "Speak No Evil" in Spring of 2021.

Yet, dance isn't her only passion. God put in Trinity a love for building friendships and going deep. Empathy and compassion shine from her. Her relational strengths have opened the door for her serve on the Leadership Team for Student Leaders, giving her a unique opportunity to reach and connect with new students.

Art flows from Trinity not only on the dancefloor but also on the canvas. In 2020 she had the honor of hosting her first exhibition downtown at the Wyly Theater under the direction of Helen Lee.

Trinity plans to attend college locally but is very excited to see what international study abroad programs are available.

The Hardimon's baby, Alexa, is also quite talented and has found her passion for movement through gymnastics. She's an active girl who likes to get out and do. Currently, she's level 10 and has been training in gymnastics since she was 2 years old.

God has made Alexa courageous, bold and daring. If you give her a challenge she will achieve it! Yet, He didn't stop with that, He has also given Alexa a tender heart for others. She especially enjoys helping the homeless community and discovering new ways to be a blessing to them. Alexa also serves on the Student Leadership board and the student worship team. This girl can sing too!

Alexa's career choice isn't fully realized, yet she does feel a pull towards coaching or possibly something in medicine.

Their adorable animal crew starts with Rex, a King Cavalier, who loves to snuggle. Next, comes Mocha, an energetic Chocolate Lab who just wants to play ball - all the time! The spoiled one is Bucky, the loveable mutt of the group. He is fun and has the best manners. The newbie, is the adorable Ollie, their pug puppy who instantly won each of their hearts. Following the dog party, comes Cat. Her given name is Bella. She's a fickle feline who loves you one minute and forgets you the next. So Sassy! The Hardimon's animal kingdom rounds out sweetly with two fish named Dawn and Dusk.

As a family, the Hardimons. . .
. . . love God and enjoy serving Him together.
. . . are big-time hockey fans!
. . . enjoy a good grill out and dinner on the patio.
. . . like traveling together and going on adventures.
. . . are fond of spontaneous worship sessions when they gather around the guitar to play and sing.
. . . sparkle with the joy of hospitality. They love serving others with their home and offering a safe place to be, have community and connect.

John and family happily serve in many Christian ministries, as it has afforded them the opportunity to "credit their accounts" in a more permanent place by taking that which will not last, and investing in that which will never stop producing returns. As a family they currently minister, teach, and serve at Heartland Church, a community of Christ-followers whose focus is "loving people to life."

16970 Dallas Parkway Suite 401, Dallas, TX
Mobile: 214 695 2175